Custom Embroidery Solutions

For many business owners, customized embroidery and specialty stitching is the name of the game! We’ve mastered embroidery for our customers and can perform small and large runs on all of your favorite items including beach towels, luggage, polo shirts, T-shirts, bags, ball caps, and much more.

In the grand scheme of things, adding beautiful art to apparel in the form of embroidery is a great way to attract additional attention to potential prospects, current customers and more. And it’s also a great way to help unify your team by creating uniforms for all to wear while at work and special company events.

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Most Popular Embroidery Items

Polos   Dress Shirts    Headwear

Outerwear   T Shirts  Activewear

Sweaters   Bags   Golf Towels

Hoodies    Custom items     Events

Corporate Clothing    Merchandise

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Our guidelines entail the following recommendations:

  • When you submit your logo for our embroidery services, we recommend telling us the specific fabric that you’d like us to use when creating the final product. We make this recommendation because embroidery has a tendency to look differently when sewn on different types of fabric. If you specify the exact type of fabric that you’ll be using, we can create a digitized sample specifically designed with that fabric type in mind.
  • We recommend avoiding really small lettering. It’s difficult to read and it makes creating customized embroidery difficult at best. Your lettering should be no smaller than ¼ inch tall.
  • As far as deep pile garments are concerned, you should avoid small details and thin lettering. This type of embroidering does not go well with deep pile garments.

Feel free to contact Branded Image at any time for your customized embroidery needs. We look forward to serving you now and in the future.