Businesses are as successful as the products they sell. This means it is crucial to widen your audience and increase product exposure as much as possible. A terrific strategy to do this is with a premium screen-printed design for branded products and for good reason!

  1. Versatility

Screen-printing can be done on a huge variety of items. It’s much more than just t-shirts and mugs! Your vivid design can adorn everything:promotionalproductitems

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass
  • Vinyl’s
  • Jewelry
  • Electronics

For the ultimate buzz around town, choose multiple different mediums!

  1. Durability

Longevity is the goal of any promotional products. After all, what good is it to hand out something fantastic if the logo wipes off after the first use? Screen-printing is specifically designed to resist wear and tear. Weather, dirt, and even chemicals will not damage the quality images you worked so hard to engineer when done expertly.

  1. Impact

The more relevant your promo items are to your business, the more impact they will have. A car dealership that gives out unique license plate frames will garner more interest than if they were to hand out pens; which likely be lost.

  1. Color variety / styles

Whether you want to go bold and bright or dazzle with dizzying patterns, screen-printing can handle it all. Colors will also last two to three times longer with this type of printing. Ink choices vary by printer but there is everything from glow in the dark to crackle effect. Let your imagination guide you into a creation that people will not forget!

  1. Application

Dark backgrounds are an excellent canvas for printing on to make any color pop out brilliantly. Logos and text also display much better with this technique than newer methods. The level of precision and sharpness has no comparison. You want your name to be readable and clear for the long term so your exposure keeps on growing, not fading like the sunset.

  1. Fast re-order

Once you have printed your first order, there is no delay in turnaround time for reprints. If you suddenly decide to hold a big event spontaneously, the same screens previously used are all set up and ready to go so the only thing required is printing and shipping time.

  1. Economical

Different types and sizes of materials print with the same expanded or minimized image. This will save your business money by only setting up an image once that can be used for everything needed for your business – from labels to baseball caps. The larger the print quantity is, the cheaper the run.

As you can see, screen-printing will be invaluable to increasing your business. Your new audience will truly be worth its weight in advertising gold. The virtually limitless options for design and color give you the ability to create something truly special which is visible to consumers you may have been unable to reach before. Sit back and watch your business grow by choosing screen-printing!

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